Top 10 Reasons To Rekey: Read Before Rekeying In Edmonton

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Thinking about rekeying but on the fence with the other option.

Look no further. Because today we’ll be discussing the top reasons to rekey.

Let’s get right into it!

What’s The Importance Of Rekeying?

In our everyday life, security is a paramount concern.

With escalating crime rates and growing concerns about home and office security, the significance of rekeying cannot be overstated.

Let’s delve deeper into what rekeying is, why it’s essential, and the top reasons you should consider rekeying over lock replacement.

Unraveling Rekeying: What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying, a term frequently used in the locksmith industry, is a process that changes the internal workings of a lock, enabling it to operate with a new key while the physical lock remains intact.

It’s a cost-effective and secure alternative to complete lock replacement, and here’s why.

What Is The Rekeying Process Like?

A locksmith performing a rekey will start by removing the lock from the door.

They will then disassemble the lock and remove the old pins.

New pins that correspond to a new key will replace them, rendering the old key useless.

The lock is then reassembled and reinstalled on the door.

Top 10 Reasons Why Home And Business Owners Rekey

Rekeying is a vital process that can safeguard your home or business against unwanted access.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider rekeying.

Enhancing Security After A Break-In
After a break-in, rekeying can help restore peace of mind. It ensures that any copied or stolen keys can no longer grant access to your property.

Upon Losing Your Keys
If you’ve lost your keys and fear they may be in the wrong hands, rekeying is an excellent way to reestablish control over who can access your property.

After Moving Into A New Home

You never know who might have a copy of the keys to your new home. Rekeying upon moving can help ensure your family’s safety and security.

After Ending A Relationship
When a relationship ends, be it a roommate moving out or a divorce, rekeying can help maintain your privacy and security.

Keeping Track Of Who Has Access
Rekeying allows you to control who has access to your home or office. It’s an effective way to manage security in a large organization.

Routine Security Upgrades
Regular rekeying can be part of an effective routine security upgrade plan.

When Keys Are Hard to Turn
When a key becomes difficult to turn, rekeying can solve the problem and prevent potential lockouts.

When You’ve Lent out Keys
If you’ve lent out keys and they weren’t returned, rekeying will prevent unwanted access.

When Staff Changes Occur
In businesses, when employees leave or new ones come onboard, rekeying is crucial to maintaining security.

To Simplify Key Management
If you’re tired of a large bunch of keys, rekeying your locks to a master key system can simplify your life.

Rekeying vs Lock Replacement: What Are The Benefits?
Rekeying has several advantages over lock replacement. Here are the top five:

Cost Efficiency
Rekeying is typically less expensive than a full lock replacement, making it a cost-effective security measure.

The rekeying process is faster than replacing a lock. A professional locksmith can rekey several locks within a short time.

Enhanced Security
Rekeying provides the opportunity to upgrade your security system and can be combined with the installation of additional security measures.

No Need For Hardware Changes
Rekeying doesn’t require changing the hardware of the lock, thereby preserving the aesthetics of your door.

Simplified Key Management
Rekeying to a master key system simplifies key management, particularly for businesses with several locks and employees.

FAQs About Rekeying

Can Any Lock Be Rekeyed?
Most locks can be rekeyed, including deadbolts and knob locks. However, some high-security locks or very old locks may not be suitable for rekeying.

Is Rekeying Safer Than Replacing?
Rekeying and replacing are both effective measures for enhancing security. The choice depends on your specific circumstances, although rekeying can be faster and more cost-effective.

Can I Rekey A Lock Myself?
While it’s technically possible to rekey a lock yourself, it’s usually best left to professionals. Incorrect rekeying can result in a compromised lock or damage to the lock mechanism.

How Often Should I Rekey My Locks?
The frequency of rekeying depends on your individual circumstances. However, anytime security may have been compromised, it’s a good idea to consider rekeying.

What Is the Cost Of Rekeying?
The cost can vary depending on the type and number of locks to be rekeyed, your geographical location, and the locksmith you hire. It’s always best to ask for a quote beforehand.

Does Rekeying A Lock Weaken It?
Rekeying doesn’t weaken the lock. In fact, in many cases, it can improve the function of the lock if the old pins were worn or damaged.

Can One Key Open All My Doors?
Yes, through rekeying, a locksmith can set up a master key system where one key can open all your locks.

Is Rekeying Necessary When Moving To A New Home?
While not necessary, it’s highly recommended. You never know who may have a copy of the keys to your new home.

Can Electronic Locks Be Rekeyed?
Most electronic locks don’t require keys and therefore don’t need to be rekeyed. However, they can be reprogrammed to change the access codes.

Does Rekeying Affect The Warranty Of My Lock?
In most cases, rekeying done by a professional locksmith should not affect the warranty of your lock. However, it’s always best to check the terms of your warranty.

Conclusion: The Power Of Rekeying
It’s clear that rekeying is a powerful tool for maintaining security. Whether it’s your home or business, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your space is secure is invaluable.

In today’s fast-paced world, safety should never be compromised. Rekeying provides a quick, cost-effective solution to enhance security, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure the safety of your loved ones and belongings.

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